Sergey Baczyński:

„I am a DJ, music and television producer. I organize concerts of tango orchestras and the international festival COSMOTANGO (Russia, Kaluga).

In tango, first of all, I like music the most! I play music at regular Moscow milongas (Chique, Cuatro Compases, El Abrazo, Domingo and others), as well as in other Russian cities. I also managed to create a musical mood for tangueros at milongas in Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Belarus. I will never put two similar tandas in a row. To create a mood in milonga, I use a large musical arsenal – from Guardia Vieja to modern orchestras. And, nevertheless, all the rest I prefer the proven hits of the Golden Age. Favorite orchestras: Canaro, Fresedo, D’Arienzo, Biaggi, Calo. Favorite singers: Vargas, Podesta, Maciel.”