Anna Hardy:

My interest in tango music began several years ago in Monterey, my hometown in California. Being one of those tango dancers who “can’t enjoy dancing unless they are touched / inspired” by a tango piece, I have started to carefully select tango music while in California, and I am still working on my selections here in Poland. I played at milongas in California, Wrocław, Poznan, Opole, Brzeg, and other places; at festivals/marathons in Warszawa, Zielona Góra, and Brzeg.

My dj-ing philosopy? I observe: Who is coming, what are the dancers’ preferences? Is the floor empty or full for a given tanda… I play the music of great Argentinian orchestras of the so-called “Golden Age” as well as of some less known tango groups or individual musicians and composers. I also selectively play some contemporary arrangements of Old Masters. I believe in variety of styles and dynamics within a milonga, I also like to collect some “gems” and occasionally play them, mainly as alternative valses or tangos near the end of a milonga – sometimes to complement “the old masters”, sometimes because of their emotional intensity or their exceptional performing quality.”