Ariel Ramirez:

“I was born in the family of the artists: my father was a musician, my mother was a maestro of the dances of Argentinian folklore. I’ve dedicated my life to the art of music and dance. I’ve been playing my music in various types of tango events, like milongas, festivals, marathons, in Argentina, Poland, England, Slovakia, Germany. The fact of being a musician led me to study, learn and listen to the diversity of typical orchestras of Argentinian Tango, ranging from famous and not known orchestras of the “Golden Tango Age” to contemporary tango orchestras.

My music is full of energy, sensuality and exquisite. I play traditional tango music as well as the music of contemporary tango orchestras. While playing the music, I follow the energy of the event. I play the music that makes the dancers stay tuned to the dance floor from the beginning till the end.”