EL PUCHU is a professional and charismatic Argentinian tango teacher and dancer having his own and distinctive dance form based on the Body Aesthetic and Dialog Technique based on the Logic of Movements;
Professional Argentinian folklore teacher and dancer;


  • Jury (Supervisor) at the Tango Championship final roundCampeonato Mundial de Tango“ (Buenos Aires / 2019);
  • Jury (Supervisor) at the World Tango Championship eliminatory roundsCampeonato Mundial de Tango“ (Buenos Aires / 2017, 2018, 2019);

  • Jury (Supervisor) at the Tango Championship „Venado Tuerto“ (Santa Fe / 2017, 2018, 2019);
  • Jury (Supervisor) in the semifinals and finals of the “Third Age” Tango Championship (2018, 2019);
  • Jury (Supervisor) at the „ Argentinian Tango and Folklore „Pre-Varadero“ Championship (2015, 2018);

For more than 10 years ORGANIZER of the following MILONGAS:

  • “Jueves de Canning” (Salón Canning / Buenos Aires);
  • “Legistango” (Legislatura Porteña / Buenos Aires);
  • “Milonga del Puchu” (Mansión Dandi, Obelisco Tango / Buenos Aires);
  • “Tango a Cañuelas” (Gente de Teatro / Cañuelas);



Member of AMBCTA (Association of Teachers, Dancers and Choreographers of Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina), from 2017 onwards – treasurer of AMBCTA;

Creator of the dance technique “Body Aesthetic and Dialog Technique based on the Logic of Movements”;

Creator of the Tango Musicality Training Concept “ABC of Tango”;

From 2017 onwards, creator and organizer of the Tango Dance Championship “YO BAILO” focused on the interpretation and musicality of different tango orchestras;

From 2019, creator of the tango technique qualification program, granting a tango dancer a certificate acknowledging the level of the tango technique in teaching and dancing tango ;

From 2010 onwards, tango show partner of Buenos Aires Honorary Milonguera BLANQUITA;



Director of the “Gente de Teatro” Theater (Cañuelas, Buenos Aires);

Dancer at the movie “El Gesto es Nuestro” (performed with Gladys Colombo);

Organizing member of the tango festival in San Telmo (2013, 2014);

Countless exhibitions of Argentinian Tango and Folklore:

  • at the tango festivals in Buenos Aires (Ave de Raza, Dulce de Leche, La gran Milonga Nacional, Mundial de Tango 2015 – show of maestros „Tango en el Luna Park“, etc.),
  • at TV shows;
  • at various concert halls in Buenos Aires (Confitería Ideal, Piel de Tango, Milonguísimo, Paseo La Plaza, Esquina Homero Manzi, Tocuato Tasso y La Academia del Tango, and etc.)
  • in most of the milongas in Buenos Aires accompanied by live music of tango orchestras;


From 2007 onwards, he teaches and performs in various tango events in Europe: Spain, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, France, Lithuania, etc.

Charity work:

  • In 2010, he performed at the charity event organized by the Argentine Red Cross;
  • From 2014 onwards, an active member of the cultural center El Potro de Cañuelas – organizer of the monthly tango activities at the San José Retirement Nursing Home (Cañuelas, Buenos Aires);