For the 2nd time in Lithuania, as requested by the festival participants!

Horacio Nuñez (Argentina) is a charismatic maestro and dancer of Argentinian folklore specializing in Zamba, Malambo and Chacarera.

As a professional Argentinian folklore dancer, Horacio Nuñez performed with the famous “Ballet de ARTE FOLCLÓRICO ARGENTINO“. In 1993-1997, the Ballet was endorsed by Unesco for the concert tours in Europe to represent a heritage of Argentinian folklore. Horacio Nuñez performed with the “Ballet de ARTE FOLCLÓRICO ARGENTINO” in Russia, Italy, Spain, and Israel.

While being a dancer at “Ballet de ARTE FOLCLÓRICO ARGENTINO”, Horacio Nuñez was also qualified as a maestro of Argentinian folklore.

Horacio Nuñez teachers and performs Argentinian folklore in the international tango festivals in Europe (“Endorfina”, “8 pasos”, “Oviedo milonguero”, “Emerita tango”, “Murcia tango”, “Malevaje tango”, “Milonga a Bailar”, “La llave del tango”).

His workshops are full of warm and positive energy that makes learning of Argentinian folklore a joyful experience.