“I come from Kyiv, Ukraine.

In the past several years, I have been working a lot in the Baltic region, contributing to the growth of tango here; particularly, to the development of Buena Junta tango club in Riga, Latvia, together with Andres Vilks.

My passion for tango music was spontaneous, but captured me fully. For over 10 years, I enjoyed it as a dancer, deepening my understanding of it at regular milongas and tango festivals in Europe, as well as in Buenos Aires. I strongly felt the importance of exploring the roots of tango music: what is in it for porteƱos? how did Argentinians create it? how did the tango music change over the years? So, I started DJ-ing believing that a good DJ combines the tradition, the knowledge of tango music, and her/his taste for tango music.

And sensitivity for the dancers. Each woman and each man bring to the milonga their own mood, expectations, life experience. They all dance their own tango. But music is one for them all, it unites all the people at the milonga. And if the music connects the milongueros, then the magic of the milonga happens.

And this is what I am going after, as a DJ – playing tango music that will connect the people at a milonga, whether they are dancing, listening or just enjoying the evening. So that we all feel after the milonga that Tango happened.”